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Jack Capstaff - Conductor

Jack currently holds two residencies; he is the Music Director for the Derwent Brass, a brass band based in Derby and also the Harlequin Brass Ensemble, a ten piece brass ensemble based in Hoyland, Barnsley.

Jack has a wide experience of conducting; from classical repertoire with orchestras, brass bands and choirs, to repeteuring for jazz ensembles as well as experience in the performance and interpretation of contemporary western classical music with a large variety of ensembles.

Jack is keen to take on any challenge in order to keep learning as he looks to conduct and rehearse a variety of styles of music and from there learn more about the interpretation of working of different genres.

He believes that there is always more to learn and hopes to continue encouraging the collaboration of different genres of music. 


October 2018: Jack joins the leadersip team at Derwent Brass.

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