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Jack Capstaff - Composer

About Jack as a Composer...

Jack finds his voice in composition stems from an understanding of serial techniques as well as those of spectralist composers and often employs limited aeleotorics. Whilst in composition Jack enjoys expressing himself in more modern voicing, he often puts pen to arrangements, transcriptions and orchestrations of more classical rep as well as writing new works to specific styles or with briefs in mind.

Jack has been commissioned for the York 800 celebrations of 2012 with a performance by massed bands from the area, for the switching on of the York Christmas Lights, by the world famous Carlton Main Frickley Colliery Band and by Synfonia Newydd, a commissioning body in Cardiff as well as some excellent soloist and small ensembles.

When writing specifically for an ensemble, Jack likes to take the time to attend rehearsals before, during and after the writing process to get a feel for ensembles specific requirements as well as to try and understand the personalities of the players within the group and guage specific technical abilities to create a work specifically tailored for the players commissioning it. 

Jack has held composer in residence positions for several brass bands and ensembles and whilst prioritising time for conducting, still finds time to both compose new works of his own desire and work on music for various ensembles.


Jack recently condcuted a classical trombone ensemble called 'Transpennine Trombones' in the Classical Sheffield weekend.                    

The ensemble hope to hold many more collaborations with Jack in the future.


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